Monday, September 8, 2008

Garden Flags

I've picked up Garden Flags this year and am getting them posted to the internet.
I'm very picky about the quality of the flags I carry and the artwork imposed upon them.  
These are made out of double thickness of polyester fabric that is treated to hold it's color even under the sun and rain.  The same art is on both sides.  The fabric feels good in the hand and the color is vibrant and clear.
I'm posting them under breed groups rather than alphabetical.  At the end of each row is a link to buy now or to choose which variety of the colors you want to get.
As I get more of the pictures from the wholesaler I'll post more.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Walky Dog

 This is my nephew Zack using the walky dog with his dog Aslan.  They are both having a great time.  The walky dog is the best bicycle leash tool that I've found anywhere.  It's totally safe for an older child that has the body weight to run with their dog.

Hoshi is a yearold now and we are starting to do longer bike rides.  She sure loves running along beside me.  
I use either a slip collar or {her favorite} a road harness.  With the collar she will just run beside me but with the harness she will get out ahead of the walky dog and actually pull me along.  So for the best road work a collar is best as she will just hold the pace and get some rear end muscle exercise.  With the harness she can keep her own pace which she likes to be 9 - 10 miles and hour and feel like she's actually working.

It attaches with it's own bracket to the seat post of the bike, any size since the bracket is in two pieces and clamps on to the seat post with screws.
The pole itself is hollow with three springs inside that will give a correction to the dog if he/she decides to go after a squirrel or rabbit.  The springs will stretch out to 2 1/2" and then spring back, pulling the dog back into line.  They learn very quickly that while attached they should just get into a working zone and pace.
The cord is replaceable and I've replaced mine a couple of times now with cording that I found at Home Depot.  One of the springs inside is tapered so that the cord goes through and gets knotted so it won't slip out.
Very simple but ingenious.  A kid in Cal developed it so he could take his dog with him mountain biking and then an italian company bought it from him and is marketing it.
Hoshi and I both love it, I have demonstrated it with other dogs, Dobes, Vizsals, Greyhounds, even Newfoundlands and all dogs work well with it once they get the hang of it.  I do figure 8's with them and they catch on very quickly.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Snap Slip Collars

We've created these snap slip collars.  The collar has 1 snap and two rings.  One ring is attached to the end and the other ring is a floater.  The collar can be used as a slip collar when snapping the snap to the floating ring, when snapped to the stationary ring.
We measure this collar from the end of the snap to the end of the stationary ring.  It should fit snuggly at first due to the fact that the leather will stretch somewhat.
Of course it can be done in any color combination and even in the lightweight leather.  As with all our other braided collars the cost is $16 and shipping is only $2.50 for up to 4 collars at once.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Stibbar is a small company that has been in business for over 20 years.  Peter and I started it to market our software that helped to raise rabbits.
We did raise rabbits while the kids were at home, it gave them a venture of their own and we had fun as a family with the animals.
We retired in 2004 and decided to go on the road to see the country, we tried different kinds of shows to sell our wares and decided to stick with the dog shows.  There are lots of them all over the country and we like the attitude that we find at them.
We create our own leather products, Peter does all the heavy braiding since his hands are much stronger then mine.  I do small flat tabs, flat leashes and custom type of work that people like from flat leather such as groomers loops and tiny snap tabs for little dogs.
We have two wonderful dogs that travel with us all the time.  Nougat; a MinPin is the oldest, born in 11/06 & Hoshi a red German Pinscher was born in 5/07.  We call them "our girls" and they have found a special place in our hearts.
In the following blogs, I'll talk about where we are going, what we are doing new and whom we meet.
Comments are welcome from you the reader, just click on the comments link and be nice.. no nasty words or I'll have to dis-allow comments all together.  I'm only interested in talking about what you find interesting in leather products or any of the other products that we carry.